RTI Genova

In light of a policy addressed to customer service, RTI does not disregard the detail of accessibility. Accessibility of products and personnel or contact structures.

Proof of this care is given by the presence of a structure in the Genoa branch.
Originating from the need to offer valid technical and sales support to established customers, RTI Genoa, can offer valid technical and sales assistance on Instrumental and Piping products.

Additionally, Genoa branch has extended its competency to the oleo dynamic and power transmission markets with particular attention given to the relevant rigid and flexible connections. In fact, RTI Genoa has become Certified Distributor of Parker Hannifin's FluidConnectors group.

With this expansion, RTI, succeeds in offering a constantly more extensive and valid support to structures that operated in Energy field but also to the framework that is created around these large organisations.

The package of products offered is thus extended, in addition to the range described in previous pages, thanks to:

  • Oleodynamic and pneumatic fittings
  • Adapters
  • Flexible nylon, rubber and thermoplastic pipes
  • Tools and machines for metallic and rubber pipe processing and assembly
  • Quick couplings
  • Capacity, pressure and fluid, measurement instruments

RTI’s Genoa office offers customers a top quality trading service for industrial supplies of all kinds and spare parts in particular. The experience and know-how of the people offering the service allows RTI to access components in existence on international markets, spare parts for legacy equipment, complementary materials and any other kind of component representing a difficulty for customers.

For more information:

RTI S.p.A. - Via Parma, 5/2 - 16155 Genova Pegli (GE)
Tel. +39 010 690001 - +39 010 690220 - Fax. +39 010 690395